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Eagle Squadron mentoring and build at Lakeside
 Elementary with 5th and 6th grade students - 2017.
Eagle Squadron Activities & Schedules
Jim Flick has set up another mentoring session at Lakeside Elementary School with 5th & 6th grade students April 21st this year. 
EVERYONE who anticipates helping needs to fill out the background check form and send completed form with copy of your drivers license to:
Tiffany Burns
Lakeside Elementary School
2312 Denmark Street
Muskegon, Mi 49441
Or, you can email a copy of the filled out form & copy of your drivers license to Jim Flick or Ron Hayward & we will forward it to Tiffany.
Even if you have not participated before, consider helping out! The projects are easy and fun. The kids love them and it is a way to show our appreciation to Lakeside Elementary school for use of their gym.  
If you don't have a copy of the background check form, contact Jim or Ron & we'll email you one
Thanks to some PCRC members, the Eagle Squadron now has the following kits for future mentoring events
45 - - - - - - - - - - Blu Eagle foam gliders
30 - - - - - - - - - - - - - A-10 foam gliders
12 - - - - - Guillow's Jetfire balsa gliders
35 - - - - -AMA Foam plate penny gliders
PLUS 10 each Blu Eagle & A-10 foam glider kits for WMPF.
Here's the latest Eagle Squadron mentoring project for the  up coming year. It's an A-10 look alike, blue foam glider, about 20" span 16" long. It will be assembled from kits by students using hot melt glue, similar to the previous Blu Eagle glider.
This is the 19" span Blu Eagle glider

Follow this link for pics of Eagle Squadron Event


to see the full album of pictures from the Eagle Squadron session at the Folkert Community Center. This is the event where our volunteer mentors helped the students build a glider made from foam sheeting. The event was a huge success with students, mentors and all in attendance having a great fun time. After construction of the glider, the students took the gliders to an adjacent area where  a flight course had been setup in a manner similar to a golf course. The goal for each student was to toss the glider from hole to hole while avoiding hazards. The final hole was called the black hole and had a special challenge with fans and streamers interfering with the gliders path to the black hole. Please view the photos at the link above to see what it was all about. Thanks to Folkert Community center for providing the students and the facilities for the activities. Also, thanks to Jim Flick and Ron Hayward for their effort in organizing and prepping for this event. Additional thanks to all of the members who assisted with mentoring and to Susie Hughes for her expert photography and preparing the photo album.




Eagle Squadron mentoring and build 2017
Eagle Squadron mentoring
and build - Youth Day 2014
BB-3 Controlled glider fuse & wings
Blu Blazer glider
Eagle Squadron mentoring and build 2013