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Port City RCers News & Updates

Here's the latest direct from AMA on FAA regulations

As of 11-12-2017  -  We will have Q&As up tomorrow in modelaircraft.org/gov. Below are some talking points.
It is very likely Congress will pass and the President will sign into law the National Defense Authorization Act that will reverse the John Taylor case. This bill will again require that model aviation pilots, including AMA members, register and label their aircraft with the FAA.  Members who fly exclusively indoors, CL,FF, and/or models under .55 pounds will not be required to register. If a member previously registered with the FAA, they are not required to register again.

Congress is hoping to hand this bill to the President for a signature before Thanksgiving.  

AMA believes registration makes sense at some level, but maintains that the criteria and thresholds needs revised. We also are advocating that members should be able to use their AMA number/membership as an alternative to the registration requirement. With that being said, members will be legally required to comply with the FAA registration rule once it is in effect while we work through these issues. 

If a member is already registered, they will likely not have to register again. If a member asked for a refund and removal from the registration list after the Taylor case, that individual may have to reregister, but we cannot confirm that yet.

The FAA has not commented on this piece of legislation. Members should continue to monitor our blogs, social media, and www.modelaircraft.org/gov for updates. We will send out an email to all members as we learn more and the bill is signed into law.

Again it should be noted this isn't official yet and details are still being developed.



New signs put up on M46 (Apple Ave) for both east and west bound traffic announce location of the flying field and the car track.


Here's the latest Eagle Squadron mentoring project for the  up coming year. It's an A-10 look alike, blue foam glider, about 20" span 16" long. It will be assembled from kits by students using hot melt glue, similar to the previous Blue Eagle glider.